volunteers to administer covid 19 vaccines

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Gary Greenverg
volunteers to administer covid 19 vaccines
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Trying to respond to Gov. Murphy's request for retired medical personnel to help administer the Covid 19 vaccines. Called the contact # at the public health dept. in Burlington and was told they are contracted out to a medical lab to to the vaccines. I'm a retired, NJ licensed PA with the necessary skills to administer the vaccine. How do I reach someone that is interested in my volunteering?

Gina Hernandez

I’m a registered nurse licensed in nj and ny , I want to also help with administering the Covid 19 vaccines however , no one has gotten back to me

Elizabeth Paul
Volunteer for Covid 19 Vaccines

I too would like to administer vaccines. Active RN in NJ. Looking for direction on how to proceed. I registered for MRC. Thank you.

Jeanine Caltagirone
Volunteer to administer Covid 19 vaccines

I am a retired RN with licenses in NY and NJ (currently on inactive) and would be interested in volunteering to administer vaccinations.

June Rasner RN

Reached out to local DOH with success.

Kevin Rooney
Registered On MRC Site & Sent Resume

I have done the same as all of the folks above. I, too, am an RN looking to volunteer. I just completed my MRC registration. I also sent an email to Julie.Petix@doh.nj.gov; let's see what reply I get. Based on the posts here, it doesn't look promising!

Amir Salomon
MRC Administer Vaccine

I, as many on this forum, have applied to join the Medical Reserve Corp as a volunteer to administer vaccinations. I responded to an email of January 21, 2021 from Paul R. Rodriguez, Director of NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. I too have not received any response regarding my application. There are no new posts on the site for applicants to get updates, and there is no way to get an update on application (at least, I can't find). While I recognize that the office may be inundated with applications - I would hope that we should get some response or update. Looking for any additional information. Thanks

Julia McLaughlin
RN willing to Volunteer

I have registered with the MRC and have a valid NJ RN license and CPR card.

Justin Moreira
Also waiting

I too am willing to volunteer but have not heard back.

Lenora Gonzales
Covid vaccinations

Licensed retired volunteer. Monmouth sent me to this site.
I am ready. Please advise.

shreyaben parikh
vaccine administer volunteer

I am available Tuesday and thurseday please let me know. I have registred with MRC. Thank you.

Amir Salomon
Recommendation for Contacting MRC

I too applied to the MRC on this site as well and never heard out. I was able to reach through email to the "Public Health Coordinator" of the Union County division of MRC. I provided her a copy of my license and a CV and she enrolled me as a "vaccinator".

Amir Salomon
Medical Malpractice Insurance

As a retired physician who reactivated his license to volunteer at the MRC for vaccination admin.

Does anyone know if Medical Malpractice Insurance is provided?

Jennifer Vitale
RN - NY and NJ license here

Hi: I also have also registered for the MRC and want to help with vaccine admin in Hudson County. I have my bls/acls/pals cert as well.

Frances Callamari
Active podiatrist, willing to assist as vaccinator

I've joined the NJLMN. Anyone who can help with contacting proper authorities to begin vaccinating would be most appreciated. Thank you. I'm in Passaic County.