QI: Redefining 'Solid Waste' Ordinance to 'Environmental Quality Assurance' Ordinance

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Candice Davenport
QI: Redefining 'Solid Waste' Ordinance to 'Environmental Quality Assurance' Ordinance
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WHY THIS ORDINANCE IS INNOVATIVE: Bloomfield took the time to identify any ordinance that touched upon 'Quality of Life' and 'Enforcement' and consolidated it into ONE ORDINANCE. The ordinance emphasizes 'prevention', has simplified explanation of the violations for the courts, and includes fees/ payable offenses, therefore reducing lengthy court time. The courts are happy because now they understand the violation and less time wasted in court. Investigators /inspectors like it because it is efficient, less time in the courtroom and easier to have a singular ordinance as a reference. This ordinance creates a clear connection between environmental public health enforcement and maintaining good quality of life.

Rutgers received permission to post from the Bloomfield Health Department.

To be able to take the time to understand the rationale of each ordinance that may somewhat touch on environmental quality of life and take the common thread of these individual ordinances and integrate them into one overarching document.