QI Project – Improving Communications with Partners, Towns, and BOHs

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Elizabeth Rubock
QI Project – Improving Communications with Partners, Towns, and BOHs
What’s On Your Mind?: 

WHY THIS IS GOOD STUFF: Bergen County is using all their staff, technology, correspondence (and vehicles!) to actively market their departments & services (every chance they get) to increase visibility and awareness in the community. Find out how.

Health system partners, Town Administrators, and Town Boards of Health in our county aren’t necessarily aware of the full range of services that our department offers / providers (for instance, our nursing service doesn’t get many referrals, even though it is a great resource available to the whole county).

Since we are a large department, Bergen County is able to offer more services than the typical agency. We wanted to improve how we communicate the county-wide and local-contract services that we provide, so that local health departments, town councils, and Boards of Health throughout the county are fully aware of the resources available through our department.

We’ve identified several small adjustments to improve, coordinate, and streamline how we communicate with our partners and customers throughout the county, including: redesigning outreach materials; making our staff and vehicles more identifiable in the field; cross-training our staff on the full range of services and programs that we run; and more.

Involving representatives from all divisions makes all staff better educated and helps to win greater support for improvement efforts.

When a project seems too big or complex to deal with, try focusing on one small piece at a time – it will make problem solving seem more manageable.

As part of the Local Performance Management Initiative (brought to you by NJDOH OLPH & Rutgers OCPE), the Bergen County Department of Health Services used Rutgers’ practical QI approach to examine and improve how the department communicates and contracts with municipal officials.