In the News: Influenza A H3N2V (variant) Virus Updates

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Candice Davenport
In the News: Influenza A H3N2V (variant) Virus Updates
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Since July 2012, there have been a total of 289 confirmed H3N2v infected cases reported across 10 states. The majority of these cases are linked to attendance at agricultural events, fairs and exposure to swine. Found in pigs in 2010 and first detected in humans in July 2011, this H3N2 variant virus appears to be more transmissible from pigs to people than other variant viruses. There are no cases as of August 2012 in New Jersey. Illness associated with this virus so far continues to be mostly mild with symptoms similar to seasonal flu. Like seasonal flu, however, serious illness with H3N2v infection is possible.

See above for New York Times (August 31, 2012) article on first human death associated with A(H3N2v) virus in Ohio.

CDC updated its guidance to states for enhanced surveillance for influenza-like-illness (ILI) in all people, including people reporting pig exposure.

CDC also updated its Interim Information for Clinicians about Human Infections with H3N2v Virus:

As the school year gets underway, "the opportunities for spread of respiratory viruses like influenza increase. It’s possible we could see isolated cases of H3N2v infection, and even some localized outbreaks, particularly in schools or day cares,” cautions Dr. Joseph Bresee, Chief of the Epidemiology and Prevention Branch in CDC’s Influenza Division. CDC has issued supplemental guidance for schools on H3N2v:

This information may be beneficial for Local Health Departments to share with their communities, specifically 4-H fair organizers, local agricultural groups, clinicians and schools.