Municipal-County Medical Needs Shelter Documents

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Karen Erstfeld
Municipal-County Medical Needs Shelter Documents
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A template has been developed to assist county and municipal governments in the development of a Medical Needs Shelter (MNS) Standard Operating Guideline (SOG). It serves as a tool to help emergency managers establish the framework and procedures for effective management of the MNS (Attachment 1). Also attached are the Appendices to the SOG (Attachment 2), Instructor's Manual and Training Powerpoint slides (Attachments 3 and 4, respectively).

Robert Roe
Medical Needs Shelter

Has any county worked out a plan to use buildings near and affiliated with hospitals for their medical needs shelter? It seems to me that a cooperative plan by County OEM, local OEM and hospitals would be the best way to plan and operate a medical needs shelter. Fore example there is a large hospital operated outpatient building nearby that has medical staff, pharmacy, equipment and room that could serve as a medical needs shelter. I would like to this site written into the County OEM plan. If it organized properly, the hospital should be able to seek FEMA reimbursement following the emergency.