Local HD Reviews Adult Health Clinic Schedules

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Robert Roe
Local HD Reviews Adult Health Clinic Schedules
What’s On Your Mind?: 

By carefully examining our attendance at our local HD Adult Clinics, changes in hours and locations of clinics has led to better attendance and health services to the public.

As part of the Local Performance Management Initiative (brought to you by NJDOH Office of Local Public Health and Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education), the Maplewood Department of Health used Rutgers’ practical QI approach to advertising and serving adults at health clinics.

Maplewood offers six hours of clinics each month for adults, at which it provides important health services as well as emotional support to those who are uninsured or underinsured or have limited access to care. However, we weren’t sure if we’re reaching everyone who could benefit from these services.

Hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases can prove deadly if not managed properly. There are many adults, particularly now, who are without health insurance or who cannot afford the co-pays to seek care. The department’s clinic screenings can identify some of these problems for the first time, or they provide follow up and counseling to those managing a chronic illness or battling weight control issues. They also give people living alone or who are feeling depressed emotional support. Providing this free service can help keep people healthier and even save lives, so we want to increase the number of people we can serve with our 6 hours of clinics each month.

We evaluated the clinics and how we advertise / organize them to look for ways to boost attendance. Based on attendance numbers, we chose to adjust the hours of some of clinics, as well as move some clinics to new locations, in order to reach more people. In making these changes, our goal is to make the clinics more accessible to those residents most in need of this service. For instance, we found that moving one clinic to the library in a neighborhood where there hadn’t previously been a clinic location attracted new clients. We also broadened the way we advertise the clinics, making more people aware of the free service. These changes have already brought in new clients and our nurses have already identified medical needs in some of these new clients and referred them for care. For more details, take a look at the attached files.

Make sure to reach out to many people in the community for help and advice. In particular, working with local libraries can make a big difference.