Ground Rules for the NJLMN Forum, Practice Exchange, and Community Calendar

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Ground Rules for the NJLMN Forum, Practice Exchange, and Community Calendar
What’s On Your Mind?: 

Be Professional, Polite, and Prudent:
Do not post personal contact information (e.g., your home address, phone number, etc.).

If your post shouldn’t be viewed by your kids, your boss, or your mayor, then don’t post it. Anything you post to this site can be seen by anyone with a computer – including the local media and your employer.

Please refrain from posting any copyrighted resource (unless you are the rights-holder and are granting permission for NJLMN users to adopt, adapt, and improve the resource).

All posts should be professional and courteous. If you disagree with another user or post, please feel free to explain your perspective. However, you are not free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them. Don't say things you wouldn't say in a face to face conversation.

Find and Share Good Ideas:
Don’t be afraid to share. Your ideas and questions are valid, and your peers are eager to lend advice and learn from your expertise.

Stay on topic. Posts which are not relevant to NJLMN users (including public health, healthcare, and emergency response professionals) may be deleted.

Use descriptive titles when posting a new forum thread, resource, or calendar event. “Looking for good local noise control ordinances” is a good title for a posting; “NEED HELP NOW” and “Noise question” are unhelpful titles because they don’t tell your colleagues much about the content of your post.

Tag your new posts to make your content easy for users to find.

In the forum, search before starting a new thread – there may already be an open thread on the issue you want to discuss, and you’ll get better responses if you join the existing discussion rather than trying to duplicate it.

Report Inappropriate Content:
See something that violates the spirit or letter of these guidelines? Click the “Flag As Inappropriate” link on any post or comment to notify the Moderator.

Any user who fails to abide by these rules may have his or her posts edited or deleted by NJLMN Moderators; users who repeatedly post inappropriate or offensive content may have their posting privileges revoked.