[GRANT/ FUNDING] Provided by the NJ Prevention Network

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Concetta Polonsky
[GRANT/ FUNDING] Provided by the NJ Prevention Network
What’s On Your Mind?: 

There are many funding opportunities that exist and NJ folks can take advantage of. It would be great to share opportunities here and create ways of partnering by sharing your intent to submit an application. If we could partner rather than compete for funding in NJ, then there is more chance that change and money will be awarded. I hope you all will share too!

Explore the resources we have to offer at the New Jersey Prevention Network: http://www.njpn.org/

Here are a few opportunities:

Gardening Projects
Applications due by: April-01-2013

Voots® Veggie-Fruit Tarts and Kidsgardening.org are proud to present the Voots® "Get Kids Growing" Garden Grants, providing 20 youth garden programs with the necessary supplies and support to grow edible gardens. 20 schools will be selected based on plans to promote nutrition education, ideas for incorporating fruit and vegetable activities into the curriculum, and ability to sustain the program over multiple years.

Who is Eligible to Apply

The Voots® "Get Kids Growing" Garden Grants program is open to schools in the United States who intend to garden with at least 15 children between the ages of 3 and 12.

Running Projects

The Saucony Run for Good Program has been created to encourage active and healthy lifestyles in children.
Programs whose participants are 18 years of age or less, have 501 (c) (3) status and can demonstrate their program positively impacts the lives of participants through their increased participation in running are eligible to apply. Our charter is to fight childhood obesity so those programs that specifically target that epidemic get the most attention.
(please note: public schools are eligible)
There are 2 application deadlines per year, one on December 13th and one on June 13th. Grant winners are announced 2 months after application deadlines (once in February, once in August). Our charter is to fight childhood obesity so those programs that specifically target obese kids get the most attention. There are 10-20 grant winners per year out of several hundred applicants.
Biking Projects

Bikes Belong Coalition
Community Partnership Grants

These grants are designed to foster and support partnerships between city or county governments, non-profit organizations, and local businesses and to improve the environment for bicycling in the community. Grants will primarily fund the construction or expansion of bicycle facilities such as bike lanes, trails, and paths as well as advocacy projects that promote bicycling as a safe and accessible mode of transportation.

Minimum Criteria:
• Collaboration between at least one city/county government office or department, one non-profit organization with a mission specific to bicycling, trails or recreation, and one local business represented; collaboration means that each partner is contributing time, labor, materials, or money to the project
• Project supports bicycling among all age groups and ability levels

Additional consideration (bonus points) will be given to projects with the following:
• Project serves underserved communities or addresses equity issues as part of its focus
• More than one business engaged as a partner
• Business is outside the bicycle industry
• Project is designed to reach the 60% of people who are interested but concerned, that is, people who do not ride regularly, but would ride more if safety and accessibility concerns were addressed
• Greater contributions from business partner(s) will merit greater consideration; examples include: employee work time to serve on an advisory or working committee, employee volunteers for promotion or construction activities, financial support, donation of land, materials, product, or fundraising resources, sponsorship of fundraising or promotional events, etc.

Grant range: $2,000 - $10,000
Application deadline: May 24, 2013
Notification by: August 2013

Follow the submission directions on the Grant Application. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Zoe Kircos, Grants Manager, zoe@bikesbelong.org, 303-449-4893 x5

Concetta Polonsky
Global Green USA $75,000 due date March 31, 2013

"he Contest’s focus is to bring awareness to Global Green USA’s commitment to the environment and their current Green Schools campaign which promotes schools to be designed, built, renovated or operated in an ecological and resource-efficient manner reducing overall impact on the environment and saving schools money while improving students’ health and performance. "
Visit: http://globalgreen.org/greenschoolmakeover for more information.