Got Flu Vaccine? Need Flu Vaccine?

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Wayne Sundmacher
Got Flu Vaccine? Need Flu Vaccine?
What’s On Your Mind?: 

Does your department or agency have more vaccine than required to meet your current need?
Is your department or agency running out of vaccine, and need help finding a source or supplier?

Due to increased demand during the current influenza epidemic, many providers are having difficulty obtaining sufficient quantities of influenza vaccine. In an effort to facilitate the exchange of vaccine between those agencies who have an abundance of vaccine on hand, and those who have run short, the New Jersey Office of Local Public Health (NJ-OLPH) has established this influenza vaccine exchange on the NJLMN.

Those departments or agencies that have more influenza vaccine than they need are encouraged to post a comment to this discussion topic, noting the quantity and type of vaccine they have available, along with contact information.

Those departments or agencies that are in need of influenza vaccine may also post their contact information here, but are also encouraged to check back daily.

Helen Haydu
Flu vaccine

We have just ordered 150 doses for Warren County Health Dept in Washington , NJ . There will be 50 doses of Intradermal vaccine ready on 1/23 for ages 18-64 and 100 doses 36 months and up on Feb 1st. We plan on holding a Saturday Clinic 9-1 on Feb 2nd for the public at 162 E Washington Ave, Washington NJ

Patricia Diamond
Flu vaccine

Atlantic County Division of Public Health has 300 sanofi, single dose, prefilled syringes for ages 36 months and up. Vaccine is avaliable for purchase at cost. Purchases can be made in units of 10. Anyone interested contact Shelley Arch at 609 645 7700 ext. 4393.

Chris Poulsen
Bridgewater Township has Flu Vaccine Available

The Bridgewater Township Division of Health (Somerset County) has available 18 multi-dose vials of Sanofi-Pasteur Fluzone Vaccine
Lot Number UN719AD Expiration 30 June 2013. Vaccine is FOR INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION for 6 months of age and older. Vaccine is available for redistribution at cost. For further information or to reserve vaccine Please contact Chris O. Poulsen, Director of Health and Human Services at (908) 725-5750 or by email at