Free marketing / health education resource - Public Health TV

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Free marketing / health education resource - Public Health TV
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The New Jersey Association of County and City Health Officials partnered with MDTV to make available a public health TV player that provides on demand educational videos.

Public Health TV is a free and simple video solution and TV Channel for EVERY Web portal. Help us Syndicate Public Health TV today.

Did you know that video on your web pages will keep users on the site page up to ten times longer than a page without a video?

Public Health TV is a FREE public health service provided by the New Jersey Association of County and City Health Officials in conjunction with MDTV, Inc. a NJ non-profit TV Production and distributor of medical and health news on TV. All Public Health TV content has been vetted by NJACCHO and MDTV. If you have videos to share on Public Health TV, please contact us for consideration today!.

But first, learn how to place Public Health TV on any public, private, commercial, city or county web site page in three easy steps.

Go To:
1.Simply click on and copy embed player code to the right of the open Public Health TV Player.
2.Copy and paste the script onto every HTML page of your site.
3.Please email NJACCHO President, Peter Correale, at to let him know that you proudly and successfully placed Public Health TV on your site pages.
Call Public Health TV @ 1-800-985-6388, if you have any questions at any time.

Thank You for helping us educate and inform your online community with Public Health TV.

Candice Davenport
Every local health department should have these on their website

If you are looking for visual materials on childhood obesity, heart disease, mold remediation in a home, autism, seasonal allergies and a wide range of other public health topics go to You will get more traffic on your website and people will like the short and informative videos! IDEA: Coordinate the videos with national monthly health observances. Great technology for the public health field.
Use it today and let us know what you think by posting on the NJLMN Forum.