CDC Award Winning Emergency Preparedness Video

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Holly Cucuzzella
CDC Award Winning Emergency Preparedness Video
What’s On Your Mind?: 

The Burlington County Health Department produced this CDC award winning preparedness video as a unique way to reach a different target audience in hopes of encouraging more people to be prepared for a disaster. The video did not cost anything to produce except staff time. It was shot with a handheld digital camera with a video option and was edited in Windows Live Movie Maker. It has not been evaluated but has had almost 1,500 views. To view the video please visit

Candice Davenport
Use this video at your next MRC meeting and take it viral!

This video is great because it is a short and entertaining way to convey the messages of emergency preparedness that may appeal to a younger audience (or anyone who would see the humor in parodying the TV Show, "Jersey Shore"). It is family friendly and a great way to get an audience's attention at your next emergency preparedness community presentation. MRC and CERT volunteers should have a look at this video and spread the word! Thanks Burlington County Health Dept- GMB!